Here's just a small sampling of our treasures.

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Our flagship program, AfroKidVenture (Houston) reaches out to children in our community in an effort to provide a platform through which we can learn the African Culture during play. We gather once a month at the park to play, learn and connect. Our goals for AfroKidVenture are:

  • To expose our children to the richness of African culture.

  • Foster interaction for social responsibility both locally and globally

  • Lay a foundation for a strong network for our children

  • Raise funds for Friends of Africa through various projects


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BCC - business, career and culuture

BCC - The Business Career and Cultural Program, is a program designed to offer high school teens and young adults a platform to expand their life skills, business & career skills while learning about their cultural heritage.



shepherd school

The ‘Shepherd School’ is an idea aimed at availing education to members of pastoralist communities who find it difficult to access formal education as a result of their nomadic way of life. In Samburu (Kenya), shepherd schools are referred to as Lchekuti, a Samburu name meaning shepherd. This educational set up has been very instrumental in ensuring that education gets to the hard to reach individuals. Ultimately, the lives of those who benefited from this set up have improved in terms of numeracy and literacy skills.

Shepherd schools particularly in Loltulelei, Naiborkeju, Gishaki and Ngamata areas of Samburu county have encountered challenges in sustaining the program because of lack of financial support to pay teachers and other logistics. It is worthy to note that the government financial support on education is only limited to formal public schools.

The success for this project is likely to translate to transformed lives and enhanced positive attitudes towards education in a community that views education as a distractor to their way of life. Where need be, learners who do well in the shepherd school can be identified and referred to formal set ups to advance their education in better learning environments.